House Plants for Cleaner Air in Your Home

The quality of the air you breathe will determine the quality of your life in many ways. You must be spending a lot of time in your home so healthy clean air will contribute in a positive manner to your general health. Well the good news is that there are a few house plants which are successful in reducing the quantity of carbon dioxide and absorbing trichloroethyne and benzene in the atmosphere.

Chinese Evergreens

These plants are low maintenance and have an innate capacity of filtering out dust and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A Chinese evergreen (Crispum Deborah) has a strong rate of photosynthesis and it will actively purify the air circulating in your home. This plant actually adjusts its air filtering properties to the house it’s placed in. In time it will produce pretty blooms and clusters of red berries.


Dainty English Ivy

This delicate looking plant has the capacity to absorb fecal particles floating around your home. It also acts as a powerful filter for formaldehyde which is an essential component of popular cleaning products. Place this plant (Hedera Helix) near the bathroom for best results.

Warneckii Dracaena

Don’t go by its rather fierce sounding name as this plant actually looks very attractive. Dracaena has this amazing ability of fighting against pollutants which have a strong smell. If you are bothered by the smells of varnishes and oil based products then you can invest in a couple of these strikingly striped beauties.

You don’t have to take any headache about them as they will grow profusely even in areas that have little exposure to sunlight. These houseplants can grow to the phenomenal height of 12 feet and makes for magnificent centerpieces.

Bamboo Palms

Bamboo palms are sworn enemies of benzene and trichloroethylene and if you think your home is plagued by traces of these harmful chemicals then rush to buy a couple of palms. Bamboo grows in abundance in shaded areas and shies away from too much of sunlight. This plant is known in some states as the reed palm because of its thin structure bearing tiny flowers and berries. Place bamboo palms around furniture that gas off formaldehyde and notice the unpleasant smell vanishing.