Well it seems that purifiers really do have a positive effect as the Environmental Protection Agency has officially announced that air purifiers effectively reduce allergens and contaminants floating around. Ventilation or the lack of it is a big issue in all modern homes and offices and poor circulation makes the air grow stale and loaded with pollutants. Any home or office which is supposed to have “energy efficiency” will also have poor circulation and a need for an air purification system.

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Portable Purifiers

These purifiers are the latest invention in the market and their ease of use has made them wildly popular. The portable air purifiers are said to be 85% efficient in filtering out cat dander and dust mites. They basically work well in all environments which are exposed to high concentrations of medium particle contamination.

This air purifier should be placed far away from the walls or other big elements. The idea is to circulate the air coming out of the purification system as widely as possible. If there is a place in your home or office which has an obstructed view of the room then place your purifier there.

What Allergens Can Do To Your Body

The principal types of allergens found in homes and offices are pollen, mold spores, fecal particulates, dust mites and dust particles. These are particulate matters which act on the immune system of allergic people and cause reactions like breathing problems, bouts of severe sneezing and skin rashes. In extreme cases a person with asthma or other breathing disorder can collapse due to air contaminants.

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) can pose a huge health risk to people with breathing disorders and allergies. Even if you do not have any breathing problem, continued exposure to VOC can increase your chances of getting sick building syndrome. The particulate contamination can wreak your constitution over an extended period of time leaving you with a ravaged immune system.

Green cleaning is another way to help our environment.