Live Breathe Clean Air advocates green cleansing and maintenance programs that are specially designed with the long term goals of boosting cleanliness and promote a healthier environmentally friendly way of life.

Green Process and the Environment

It’s hardly an exaggeration to say that green cleansing is going to affect the bottom line of your organisation. The bottom line is actually largely dependant on two things; the productivity of your employees and the market image of your company.

Employee productivity is dependant upon employee health and psychological well being. Green cleaning techniques will help to keep your employees healthier and stress free and hence have a direct positive impact on their productivity.

When you make green choices you send out a powerful message to the corporate ecosystem that you care for the environment and its well being. Your brand image is immediately boosted without you having to spend even a dollar on advertising expenses. Green techniques, processes, products and technology will make your organisation more ethical and a role model for all your competitors.

Benefits of Air Purification Systems

With the rising levels of air pollution and particle contamination, air purification systems are increasingly being preferred by homeowners and corporate. The quality of the air is very important in context of maintaining the good health of individuals and this is especially true in cases of people suffering from breathing disorders. These purification systems are relatively new so it’s good to understand their benefits before you actually decide to purchase one.

How to understand Air Purifiers?

You will have to understand how to rate air purifiers before you make your final choice. Check out the product literature prior to your purchase or Google for information online. CADR is a common form of rating and it’s based on total area of air covered, changes in air composition per hour, frequency of air exchange by the air purification system etc.

Other factors are the durability, consistency and the cost of these purification systems. Check whether the noise production level by the system is within the legal limit. Verifying the quality of the manufacturer is a must before purchasing the air purifier.