Tips for Healthy Clean Air for Healthy Living

Healthy clean air has become a precious commodity in today’s pollution ridden world. Clean air can do for your body what no amount of medicines can. Breathing pure is a necessity when you have a condition like CCOD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) or asthma. COPD is of two types; bronchitis and emphysema. These conditions force a person to be extra careful f the purity of the air they breathe.



Keep Out Fireplaces From Your Home

Your home is the place where you spend a considerable amount of your time so take all precautions to ensure that the purity of air is maintained. Loud crackling wooden fireplaces are sweet and romantic but they generate havoc on the pulmonary system.

Particulate matter like flying soot is produced which can clog the pores of your lung making it difficult for you to take deep breaths. Carbon emission levels are high with traditional fireplaces and so the air quality inside your home will deteriorate. If you have a fireplace then you should invest in an electric one.

Avoid Smokers

Did you know that passive smoking is equally if not more harmful than active smoking? It’s estimated that about 75% of non congenital COPD cases are caused by over exposure to cigarette smoke.

It’s not good to smoke or be near smokers anyways but if you have a breathing disorder, it’s absolutely deadly. If a friend/colleague/ stranger lights up in your presence politely ask him/her to stop or leave the place. There is nothing more harmful you can inhale than cigarette smoke.

Beware of Dust Mites

Dust mites like to burrow deep into fluffy mattresses and then settle down into bedding. They are a powerful trigger for people who have asthma and their presence is enough to trigger an attack. You can invest in clean mattress covers and anti bed bug pillow covers. Goose down pillows may be super comfortable but they are a definite no-no if you have people with breathing disorder at home. Foam rubber pillows are a wiser choice.

You can wash your bed linens once a week in hot water (temperature more than 130 Fahrenheit) to avoid the breeding of dust mites.

Limit the Use of Chemicals

This is something of a paradox. You need to clean dust and dander but using strong chemical based products will produce smells that are potential lung irritants. If you walk into a freshly cleaned home and you have difficulty in adjusting with the various strong smells then it’s a sign that you are allergic to the smell of chemicals.

Rely on good old soap, water and vinegar as much as possible. You can consider wearing a mask when forced to use cleaning products with a strong smell. Avoid hair sprays, loud perfumes, paints and strong glues as all these products will have smells which can irritate the lungs. The basic principle is to avoid using substances that have making odours. If you want your air to be pure and fresh then green cleaning is the effective way to use regularly.